Benefactors and Stewards of the Albright 'Besty Ross' House

We could not have achieved so much on this house without the love, support, and help of so many of our family members, friends, and descendants of the families who built and enjoyed the house.

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Who has helped us on the Albright House?

  • Dr. Robert William and Patricia L. Johnson

  • Our Mother/Mother-in-Law, Patricia Johnson (May 6, 1925 - May 13, 2007), who was hugely excited about, and very supportive of, our work with The Albright House. We are so sad that she did not live to see its completion. And our Father/Father-in-Law, Robert Johnson, was also a great supportive force behind our efforts, but passed away on Jan. 5, 2014.
  • Carpentry and General Contracting: Eipert Construction, West Point, IA
  • Masonry: Peterman Masonry, Fort Madison, IA
  • Roofing: Rettig Contracting, Burlington, IA
  • Electric Service Upgrade: Schlatter Electric, Hamilton, IL
  • Plumbing: Giampolo Plumbing, Hamilton, IL
  • Heating: Gary & Darin Cordray, Fort Madison, IA
  • Architecture Advice: Douglas Steinmetz, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Exterior Painting (porches): Mr. Mike Sholl and associates
  • All-around help, advice, and moral support: Carol's son and daughter-in-law, Benjamin Aylesworth and Jo-Ann Ledger Aylesworth; Carol's sister and brother-in-law Judi and Tim Root; Skip and Michele Young, who have helped us on behalf of the Lee County Historical Society; Mr. Bill Gray of Fort Madison, who has help "shephard" the house in our absence; and our good friends Dr. George F. Wagoner and his wife, Beverly (July 24, 1934 - July 15, 2007) of Manistee, MI.
  • Mr. Kent Buehler, great, great-grandson of Rachel and Jacob Albright, who supplied many historical family facts and photos of the Jacob Albright family.
  • Ms. Jane Folwell, great, great granddaughter of William and Cynthia Albright, who supplied many historical family facts and photos of the William George Albright family.
  • Kendall Albright, a distant family member, who grew up in Fort Madison and regularly monitors our work on the house.
  • Mr. Darnay Robert Hoffman, attorney, New York City, and grandson of previous owner/resident, Aileen Mustell (Mrs. James) Ringling. Mr. Hoffman supplied us with many historical, family facts.
  • Mr. John Balderston Harker, great, great, great-grandson of Betsy Ross, who has supplied us with many historical family facts, and who authored "Betsy Ross's Five-Pointed Star: Elizabeth Claypoole, Quaker Flag Maker—A Historical Perspective", Canmore Press, 2004, ISBN 1-887774-19-X
  • The late Kenneth J. Lampe, from whom we bought the house and who, at least, allowed the house to stand and eventually be "adopted."