SHSI Grants Awarded to the Albright 'Betsy Ross' House

Between 2001 and 2004, the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) awarded 3 grants to fund the rehabilitation efforts on the Albright House. We feel very fortunate that the SHSI has believed in this project and helped us achieve the milestones we illustrate on this website.

The grants we applied for were called "REAP/HRDP" (Resource Enhancement and Protection Act/Historical Resource Development Program). The programs seek to preserve and enhance Iowas natural and cultural resources. Projects are evaluated on factors such as significance and/or contribution of the project to Iowas historical resources; the degree to which the project supports the economic, educational and cultural health of the local area, region or state; and the degree of cooperation between parties involved in the project.

We were also pledged "sweat equity" support by the mayor of Fort Madison, Joe Kowzan, and by the Fort Madison Historic Preservation Commission. These entities volunteered citizen effort, should we need the extra manpower.

Finally, in Sept. 2006, we were invited to a reception at the State Capitol to meet Lt. Governor, Sally Pederson, and receive recognition for our efforts in stopping the deterioration of this Iowa Historic Site.

Grant Number Date Submitted Date Awarded Amount Description
First Grant,
Jan. 15, 2001 June, 30, 2001 $20,000.00 Masonry Repair
Second Grant,
Sept. 01, 2001 Oc. 16, 2001 $7,500.00 Roof Repair
Third Grant,
Jan. 11, 2004 Oct. 15, 2004 $20,000.00 Porch Reconstruction

The REAP Alliance is composed of more that 30 of Iowa's leading conservation and cultural clubs and organizations. If you would like to participate in your REAP county committee, check out, then click on the "County REAP Committee" and choose the PDF link. You can obtain brochures all about REAP from or call 515-281-0402.